The training courses that High Peak CVS provide are to enable groups and organisations to be as effective and up to date as possible to comply with charity law where applicable.

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High Peak CVS is keen to hear your ideas for training courses. If you are a voluntary or community group based in the Borough, and cannot find what you are looking for, please let us know – we may be able to offer tailored training.

The courses below are not in our training programme but can be run for a single group or where there is sufficient demand. The sessions would be specifically tailored to the needs of those attending. Prices are quoted individually.

Groups working Well - A workshop to help make the best of your most valuable resource - your group member’s. Communication, Motivation, Inclusion….

Confidence Building - This is a group session where you can boost the confidence of individuals & the group as a whole.

The role of the Secretary - Every group ends up needing a Secretary to the committee. But what does a secretary really have to do?

Annual Reports & AGM’s - Find out how you can highlight your organisation’s achievements over the last year.

We welcome your queries and comments on the CVS training programme. You can get in touch with the CVS Development team to find out more or book a tailored session by contacting us on 01663 735350 or by email.

Last Modified: 26 Jun 2018
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