How Guides

HOW? Guides are our range of information sheets on a variety of issues and subjects relevant to voluntary and community groups, presenting important information in a concise and simple to understand way.

The guides can be downloaded below:

Starting a new group
Starting a group - PACK
Different status available to voluntary & commmunity groups
Writing a constitution
Roles at meetings
Registering as a Charity
Business Planning
Monitoring & evaluating your project
Why groups sometimes don't work
Managing management meetings (for groups with paid staff)
Making meetings effective
Minutes not hours help for committee secretaries

Opening a bank account
Setting your budget
Insurance policies

Funding applications good practice
Planning your funding proposal
Writing a fundraising strategy
Sustainable funding
Social Enterprise
Understanding the National Lottery funds
Understanding European Funding
Understanding Charitable Trusts
Local Heritage Initiative

ASSETS PACK - all 5 Assets guides below
Developing and maximising the use of a community building
The pros and cons of leasing and ownership
Risk reduction in managing a community building
Making the figures add up
Selling the case for an asset transfer
Developing your assets as a route to sustainability

Avoiding staff grievance
Employing paid workers
Recruitment & selection
Effective supervision
Lone working
Home visits
Managing sickness and absenteeism

Creating a website
Health and Safety in the voluntary sector
Involving disabled people
Involving gay, lesbian & bisexual people
Press releases that work
Running an event
Understanding and using a hearing loop
CRB Checks and screening
Understanding voluntary sector acronyms
Writing a child protection policy
Do it now time management
Consultants - [Model Contract]
Dealing with the media
Environmental sustainability

If you require more specific information or guidance, and are based or work in the High Peak then Contact Us.

Last Modified: 30 Sep 2013
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