The Work of HPCVS

1 Groups Development

  • Supporting, encouraging and training groups of individuals who want to create new organisations to meet needs that they have identified in their community.
  • Providing support, encouragement and guidance for existing groups so that they meet new areas of need they have identified in their community.
  • Support in writing funding applications and business plans.
  • Assisting the voluntary and community sector to respond to changing laws, rules and opportunities.

2 Liaison

  • Helping voluntary and community groups deal effectively with other sectors (Health, Local Authority, Central Government, Private sector).
  • Providing forums for groups to share ideas and information and to learn from each other.

3 Enabling Representation

  • Assisting groups in their concerns and aspirations and helping them to voice their concerns and mount campaigns.

4 Services

  • Providing practical services and support for local groups, such as Equipment Loan.
  • Providing training and links to training.
  • Providing information services through a Directory of Local Community and Voluntary Organisations and a Community Resource Library.
  • Providing a communication service to and between voluntary and community groups through newsletters, web pages, public presentations and telephone advice.

5 Partnership Working

  • Strengthening local partnerships through the informed and enthusiastic involvement of the voluntary and community sector.
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  • Groups
  • Help for your group: setting up, constitution, structure, management, meetings, funding, etc.
  • Members
  • Membership of HPCVS for organisations, and Corporate Partnership for local businesses.
  • Groups
  • Community Directory Derbyshire database of the local voluntary and community groups.