Aims and History of High Peak CVS

The Aims of High Peak CVS are:

  • To develop the capacity and quality of the community and voluntary sector in the High Peak.
  • To establish and nurture effective working relationships between and within sectors. (Sectors include voluntary, & community, statutory and business).
  • To provide services to meet the needs of the community and voluntary sector within the High Peak.
  • To develop confident, effective voluntary and community groups able to influence local development.
  • To create a secure and effective CVS in line with member needs.
  • To support the voluntary and community sector to be an influential and equal partner within partnerships relevant to the High Peak.

About CVS

Councils for Voluntary Service (CVS - also standing for Community and Voluntary Support, and sometimes called Voluntary Action) are local development agencies that form a key part of the local community and voluntary sector. They are set up by local groups to support, promote and develop local voluntary action.

The first CVS was set up at the end of the 19th century to co-ordinate voluntary effort and promote new organisations to fill gaps in local services. In 1945 CVS linked up to form a national network, NACVS (now NAVCA), which now has a membership of over 300 local CVS throughout England. High Peak CVS is a full member of NAVCA.

High Peak CVS

High Peak CVS was first conceived in 1997, when a number of voluntary organisations recognised the requirement for a local CVS. After a number of meetings involving community groups and voluntary agencies, a feasibility study was commissioned and published, based on in depth research into the support needs of voluntary groups in the High Peak and Derbyshire Dales.

From here, voluntary and community groups across the district decided to form a CVS to cover the High Peak borough, and it was officially launched in May 2000.

By early 2002, funding was in place to employ a small staff team and, in September 2002, High Peak CVS moved into premises in Whaley Bridge. Since then, the organisation has grown with the addition of new projects and staff.

High Peak CVS is a membership organisation, currently with over 400 local voluntary and community groups in membership testament to the value and service that the CVS provides within the area.

Find out more about the work of the organisation by downloading our latest newsletter or annual report.

High Peak CVS is one of over 300 CVS throughout the country, and is a member of NAVCA, the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action.

"CVS are at the very heart of the local voluntary and community sector leading local activity and linking up across sectors."

Last Modified: 28 Dec 2013
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