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Access Options

At the top of each page there are options to make the text larger and/or change the background colour. If Cookies are enabled on your browser, the text options will apply to all subsequent pages of the site.

All pages are WAI AAA-Approved using WAVE to the extent of passing the automatic aspects of the online test for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 as issued by the W3C Web Access Initiative. As an alternative to navigation, all pages can be accessed from the Site Map.Pages and documents on this site can be made available in large print and alternative formats on request.

Access Keys

The following accesskeys (based on the UK government standard accesskeys) work throughout this site:

An accesskey is a hidden navigation aid that allows people to perform a common action on a website by use of a keyboard shortcut. They are particularly useful for people who need or prefer to use the keyboard to move through a site.

To use accesskeys:
  • Internet Explorer: hold the ALT key and press the letter of the relevant accesskey together, then press RETURN.
  • Firefox: hold the ALT key and the SHIFT key and press the letter of the relevant accesskey.
  • Google Chrome: hold the ALT key and press the letter of the relevant accesskey

Web Access Help from the BBC

The BBC website provides a resource for making the web a more accessible place. The My web my way site provides accessibility help, enabling computer users to make the most of the internet whatever their ability or disability. Choose a topic you would like help with and we will redirect you to the relevant BBC how to guide:

Last Modified: 15 Jun 2013
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  • Help for your group: setting up, constitution, structure, management, meetings, funding, etc.
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  • Membership of HPCVS for organisations, and Corporate Partnership for local businesses.
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  • Community Directory Derbyshire database of the local voluntary and community groups.