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Eco Homes Events

Derbyshire residents are invited to visit eight eco homes and buildings, including two in the High Peak area, whose owners are throwing opening their doors to the public this May as part of the third Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Eco Open Homes event.

Torrs Hydro (New Mills) - a community-owned hydro-electric plant. Clean, green energy is generated by river water flowing through our reverse Archimedes screw "Archie” and sold to the local Co-op supermarket. The project is owned by 230 shareholders.

Bamford Quaker Community (Hope Valley) -  a housing co-operative which is home to 10 residents and also has space for around 15 guests. Eco renovations include internal solid wall insulation to solid stone walls, a replacement boiler and radiators and a composting toilet.

Thornhill EcoHouse (Hope Valley) - total rebuild on foundations of a 1930’s asbestos clad, timber frame bungalow, using recycled and local timber, Warmcell insulation, recycled slates and a south facing conservatory. Passive Solar design means the house is heated using solar hot water and just one woodstove. It has solar photovoltaic panels for electricity.

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