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Help Run a Charity but don't Think You are a Trustee?

Charity trustees are the people responsible for governing a charity and directing how it is managed and run. They may be called trustees, the board, the management committee, governors, directors, or something else.  

No matter what term the charity's governing document uses, you are legally a trustee if you are part of the group of people with overall responsibility for overseeing and leading the charity and directing how it is run.

The Charity Commission are concerned that too many people serving on trustee bodies don't realise they are trustees. As such, they don't realise they must comply with charity law or that our guidance applies to them.

Check what your governing document says is the ultimate decision-making body in your charity. All properly appointed members of that body are charity trustees in law. You can't opt to have the power without the responsibility, so you can't pick and choose who is a trustee. If you discover you are a trustee, take time to read some of the Charity Commission core guidance, and make sure you understand your role.

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