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Environmental Activity with Transition New Mills

Transition New Mills' Himalayan Balsam project involves getting rid of this invasive non-native weed particularly in environmentally sensitive sites in New Mills.  

Himalayan Balsam is an imported annual plant that grows and spreads rapidly, overwhelming native plants and establishing a monoculture. Biological diversity declines, and when the plant dies back in winter the bare soil is liable to erosion, particularly on riverbanks. 

The plant is easy to identify and pull up, and there has been a noticeable impact where it has been tackled over the last 4 years or so in New Mills at Mousley bottom nature reserve, The Torrs park, and the area of land known as the Picker..

Transition New Mills are keen to identify groups who could help in this task, and also get benefits for themselves.  The activity is great light-moderate exercise, and gets people in and amongst nature. 

Transition New Mills can look to arrange suitable events for your group, and have arranged public liability insurance for their events, which have been risk assessed, and led by a knowledgeable leader with a first aid kit on hand. They would choose appropriate lower risk sites to tackle if appropriate with some groups. 

Contact for more information.

>> List of ALL News

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