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Date: 4 Jan 2018     

News: Small Group Project Newsletter

View from the Peak, the newsletter of the Small Group Project, is now out:

SGP View from the Peak 40 Winter 2018


  • Double win for COGS
  • Update from G52
  • Happy New Year from HEADStogether
  • Glossop Menís Gang
  • Visually Impaired Groups
  • Glossop Blind Social Club
  • Tameside and Glossop Care Together Grants
  • 5 Ways to Wellbeing Grant
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News: Changes to Big Lottery Reaching Communities

The application process for Reaching Communities will be changed to make it easier for groups and communities to apply for National Lottery funding.

In order to do this there will be a temporary pause on the submission of Reaching Communities applications between Monday 15 January and Monday 2 April. All applications received before 15 January will be processed in the existing manner.

If your current grant is coming to an end soon and you are working on an application for continuation funding, or if you have any other questions contact the Big Advice team: Email or phone 0345 4 10 20 30

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News: The Money House

Rural Action Derbyshire is now able to offer this course FREE for every young person fitting the referral criteria, including travel expenses.

The Money House is open to anyone in Derbyshire aged 17-24 preparing to move from residential/foster care or from supported accommodation to fully independent living within the next 3 months or who have recently secured their first tenancy. 

The project aims to increase financial confidence by taking part in a range of fun, interactive tasks that replicate some of the financial choices and decisions needed to maintain a tenancy and remain debt free. Learning happens through a process of practical activity, discussion, reiteration and repetition.

The non-residential programme takes place over 4 days in a real life flat in Chesterfield and covers the basics of budgeting, bills, banking, borrowing, benefits and bureaucracy through informal learning, interactive games and discussions. Learners can also achieve two AQA Awards at Entry Level.

Contact Claire on 07960 584141 or Gail on 07738 107072 or visit for details, dates and referral documents 

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News: Rolls Royce Fund 2018

The Foundation Derbyshire Rolls-Royce 2018 Fund is now open for bids until early March

Every year the Foundation works alongside Rolls-Royce to develop a grant theme, responding to local needs, topics and concerns. For 2018 the theme will be:

Children and the Great Outdoors

Supporting child mental & physical health in our most disadvantaged communities

Last year the Foundation Derbyshire Rolls-Royce Fund selected the theme of Mental Health and Young People. This allowed them to award three local charities who went on to offer direct counselling services to over 125 children and young people. 

This 2018 theme builds on that work by taking a step back and looking at part of the prevention agenda, using some of the simplest, effective ways to build up mental health resilience in children throughout Derby and Derbyshire.

The Fund will harness the power of existing charities, community groups and voluntary groups already working with disadvantaged and vulnerable families. The Fund will offer an investment for projects, which will educate around the importance of green exercise and outdoor play and foster a love of the great outdoors.

A fund of £10,000 has been set aside to fund projects here in Derby and Derbyshire that can make a positive impact on local lives.

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