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Bereavement information
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This page is to help you decide if your client referral fits our service criteria, but we will always talk to you about potential referrals too. 
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Service Criteria


Our service is for adults (over 18) living in the High Peak, who find they are struggling with a significant bereavement.


Geographical area

Spouse, partner, parent (or carer), child over 18, sibling or multiple loss over a short period of time. This is not an exhaustive list and if your client is struggling with the loss of another significant person in their life, please do contact us. (*please also see our resources page for other bereavement support)

We are funded to work in the High Peak, but we occasionally accept clients outside of the High Peak if there are places available. We cannot provide transport and all of our groups are currently facilitated face to face / in person. Please call us if your client lives outside of the High Peak.


Once we have received a referral we will contact your client and ensure they understand the service on offer and decide together if this is a suitable service for their needs. We begin to support people 3 months after their loss, we will talk to people earlier than this if they are referred, but an invite to one of our groups will be 3 months after the death of their loved one.

Other vulnerability

Bereavement must be the primary issue affecting the person being referred and identified as the key need for support. If a possible referral has other support needs, these must be in the process of being addressed and depending on the level of need, in place before the person is referred into one of our groups. We want to ensure all are capable of coping in the group and are not likely to be made more vulnerable by attending.  There is not the capacity for extended one to one time, nor is this the aim of the group.

Service Focus

The groups are assessed, referral only (including self-referral), facilitated support groups. This is not a ‘self-help’ or a ‘drop in’ service. This is to ensure the people already there, and those joining us, can feel safely supported to express and explore with each other, their difficult feelings of loss and the enormous life change, brought by significant bereavement. The group will be professionally facilitated to create a compassionate, confidential and accepting witness to this life change process and encourage the development of peer support where this is possible. A regular place where there is no expectation that people should’ve ‘moved on’ or need to hide their difficult and painful feelings or experiences.

Person centred

Facilitated discussions and sharing have, and will likely continue to cover, coping and not coping, including self-care, coming to terms with loss and how this varies from day to day and individual to individual, struggles, strategies and methods for coping better, accepting the hardest of feelings, despair, anger, guilt, relief … Learning self-forgiveness and acceptance when struggling to cope. Sometimes we plan a session or exercise that fits with issues having been raised by group members. Or we may look at a grief theory, but only if this fits with where the group conversations are focussing.



Sometimes we will introduce a waiting list. We often welcome and work well with higher numbers than comparable bereavement support groups, but there sometimes comes a point where members may not feel supported enough if the numbers get too high.

There is no set number of sessions an individual can attend. With our unique model, what we find is, by keeping the focus of the group to grief, people won’t need this focus forever and can be in charge of when they decide to leave us.
We regularly signpost people to other sources of support and outlets for their interests whilst they are group members. 

For an overview of what our bereavement service can offer your client, please take a look into our service using the buttons below.

If you have any questions or need any further information on our Bereavement Service, please feel free to contact the team on 01663 735350 Option 3 or at