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COVID-19 Recovery

This graph shows the proportion of vaccine doses across the UK population.

Since March 2020, the community has pulled together incredibly to support each other and we are incredibly proud of everyone across the High Peak for this response. It shows how strong we are together and how lucky we are across the High Peak to have volunteers, organisations and groups that go above and beyond when needed.

At the very beginning of the pandemic, High Peak CVS put together a database of services and organisations that could offer support to those that needed it the most. This has been an essential tool for individuals and professionals to refer into and has been shared amongst the local community and our partners. As guidance changes and society slowly but surely tries to return to some form of normality, we recognise the importance of still being available for support for those that need it. Whether it’s continuing support that has developed during lockdown or new issues that arise during this recovery process, we wanted to ensure that if anyone needs support they know where to look.

So, our database is still available and can be accessed here

We are working hard on continuing to update this with changes in services and new support that becomes available over the coming weeks and months. If your group or organisation is offering help to those during this period please do let us know and we can get you added to this directory. If your services have changed please do notify us. Most importantly, if you need some help or advice please do make use of the resources available or if you can’t find what you’re looking for get in touch and we can help.

In addition to this, we have adapted our social media accounts to offer a new ‘Community Recovery’ group and thread to publicise the support that is out there across the district. Our original community response campaign was hugely successful and helped engage more people into the incredible work going on in the High Peak. Please do join these groups and share any information that you feel can help.

These can be accessed here:



Once again, thank you to every individual, volunteer, group and organisation that has worked so hard to help us all through this pandemic. There are still going to be many challenges ahead but by working together we can all ensure that those that need support can get it.

Take Care – James Bromley, Chief Executive at High Peak CVS