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As High Peak Living Well Locality Coordinator, Mandy’s role will be to assist the Living Well programme in making strong, local partnerships. This will improve and provide better localised Mental Health provision across High Peak and Derbyshire Dales. 

This also means she will be pro-actively encouraging steps to be taken at the collaboratives that set actions in motion to bring a real processes of change for local Mental Health support.

We have heard and used the results of our Living Well survey of the local voluntary sector and other Mental Health service providers and we will now structure the collaboratives going forward to be action based and partner led.

Our role is to create opportunities for real conversations about possible partnerships to fill gaps in local Mental Health support but, we will be pro-actively encouraging steps to be taken at the collaboratives that set actions in motion and we will follow up on these actions - working on accountability to make some progress towards filling gaps and bringing about real service and processes of change for local Mental Health support."

What is Living Well

The Living Well Collaboratives are inclusive forums where people come together to develop a shared understanding of the current mental health system. These face to face and virtual meetings will enable an opportunity to listen to local voices, share the offer and respond to local mental health needs.

Mandy and High Peak CVS will be working with partners across the High Peak and Derbyshire Dales to ensure that organisations regardless of their size are able to attend the collaborative meetings and be involved in shaping mental health services at a local level.

Living Well


During our monthly catch ups, a large number of VCSE groups and services come together to discuss the latest issues at hand. Below you can find the latest minutes from our meeting.

High Peak

Happy High Peak

As part of this collaborative approach, we are running regular meet the groups events. Each event is a simple opportunity for organisations and individuals behind local wellness groups, to showcase what they offer. The attendance of the Trust and NHS teams shows just how much they value these groups.

Through these events, we will improve connection and create opportunities for working partnerships, by starting real conversations that build new relationships.

The Happy High Peak event resulted in 24 tables hosted, the room filled quickly with over 54 people attending, reporting over 100 NEW connections!

Places that could help

Derbyshire Dales

Delightful Dales

Derbyshire Dales Welcomed local Mental Health groups and services on offer in our Derbyshire Community. 

10 tables were hosted by local mental health and wellness groups, activity coordinators, service providers and individual’s across Derbyshire Dales, promoting some of what is on offer locally.

Many of those attending the event reported that due to their roles they were already aware of the groups being promoted but, they also reported that they appreciated the opportunity of face-to-face conversations about partner opportunities.

DD CV Newsletter

Derbyshire Dales works with a wide range of local agencies and groups to ensure they keep the community up to date with health and wellbeing information. Through their weekly newsletter, it should make it easier for you to have access to the support and services you need across the Derbyshire Dales.

They share the latest information from Public Health and Derbyshire County Council as well as any other significant developments which communities and individuals might find useful.