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Social Prescribing

Social prescribing is a GP based service designed to assist residents of the High Peak explore ‘what matters to them’ and take a holistic approach to people’s health and wellbeing. Each Social Prescriber Link Worker (SPLW) is trained to provide encouragement, motivation and connection for local people to local support, education, experiences and services, for a variety of topics. Social Prescribers give people time and help to research solutions to any problems that they identify. They connect people to local partners, self-help and community groups and agencies for practical, social, physical and emotional support.

Help with these things is sometimes available through local authorities, charities, and local community organisations, but navigating this can often be overwhelming so we can support you with this.

By working with a Social Prescriber Link Worker who knows what is available, you can build your support and access these services. Together with the link worker you can discuss your needs and work together to help you manage your own health and wellbeing more effectively or achieve your own personal goals.

Experience has shown that support has to be centred on the needs and aspirations of the individual which is why Social Prescribing aims to build upon what you value for your own health and wellbeing.

Your Social Prescribing Link Workers are ready to listen to what matters to you, work with you to explore what is important for your life, health and wellbeing, and to link you to the resources that can make a difference to your health and wellbeing. Simply, ask your GP to refer you.

And the following GP surgeries fall within our North High Peak section:

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The following GP surgeries fall within our South High Peak section:

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If you live in Glossopdale, your Social Prescribing service can be accessed via The Bureau in Glossop.