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Communications Officer Lauren Coop

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The Easter bunny delivered us a new staff member in the form of Communications Officer Lauren Coop at the beginning of April.

Brought on to assist with Covid-19 communications between different organisations and the community of High Peak, Lauren has already managed to build a number of relationships that will outlive Covid.

After setting up a Social Media business, Lauren missed working with a people so sought out the most perfect role for her.

“Following my degree in PR and Marketing, I set up my own business but very much missed social interaction. I subsequently tried a whole host of jobs including Dogsitting and becoming a Volunteer Special Constable which gave me great outlets to the outside world. When Covid hit, all aspects of work went very quiet and I very much felt the need to get back into working for an organisation with a great team and support system.

“Living at home, I am very lucky to have the support of my family around me and they definitely kept me sane during such a difficult year. My Dad helped me with all sorts of furniture projects whilst my Mum listened to me when I was fed up, my boyfriend even bought me a laser machine at Christmas to keep me entertained! This support tied in with experiences I had seen in the police where people were at the opposite end completely isolated, gave me that drive to be a part of something that could help. Unfortunately, we as police officers see people at their worst all too often and, especially with the decline of mental health due to a year of lockdown, we can often feel helpless.

“This is when I saw the Communications role at High Peak CVS. I went for it and did the happiest dance when I was offered the role. Not only do I get to speak to a multitude of organisations who help such a wide variety of people, but I also get to shout about all the wonderful things High Peak CVS do. The staff here are all absolutely lovely, and I couldn’t be more grateful for being welcomed so kindly. 

“Like the eager beaver that I am, I will be doing everything I can in order to raise both our profile and organisations we work with after such a turbulent year. Our lucky members can even be involved in social media workshops to grow their online confidence so make sure you keep your eye out for that. Our newsletters, funding workshops and group development will all be vital for organisations to go forward so make sure you are following our story!

Lauren Coop – work days Mon-Fri 9am-2pm


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