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End of an era for High Peak VIP group

Although High Peak CVS is probably more associated with helping groups to set up, there are sadly cases when a group winds down and naturally comes to an end.

This was the case for long standing local organisation High Peak Visually Impaired Group, or VIP’s as they were fondly and aptly referred to.

Group Development Worker Deb Boden was on hand to support the group at the end of June when it took its final outing to celebrate its many years of success.

Friends Liz Martin, from Whaley Bridge who was registered blind when she was just 17 years old, and Sue Walker from Tideswell, who lost her sight very suddenly in 2002, have been the long-time Chair and Vice Chair of the VIP’s since 2009/2010. Liz and Sue were however both involved with the group even before then, back when it was run through the DAB.

(Derbyshire Association for the Blind) and Social Services. Liz and Sue were however both involved with the group even before then, back when it was run through the DAB (Derbyshire Association for the Blind) and Social Services. It was the two of them who were instrumental in keeping the group going and helping it continue as a per support/self-help group, enjoying over 14 years supporting blind and visually impaired people from across the High Peak.

The group has had a long association with High Peak CVS for much of this time with Liz Fletcher, who now runs the organisation’s Bereavement Service, and former Development worker Sandy Scofield, playing a big part in supporting the group through its many years in operation where the group has provided members with a wonderful support network and social scene to enjoy together during the years it has been running. In its heyday the group had as many as 18/19 members attending regular meet ups, lunches, trips, quizzes, and outings.

Covid unfortunately hit the group quite hard. Members dwindled and those remaining didn’t feel they wanted to continue with the administration side of the group any longer.

After a year of the remaining few group members continuing to meet once a month for lunch together, it was decided the group would wind down and donate their remaining funds to their neighbouring Glossopdale Visually Impaired Group, who the High Peak VIP’s had always had a lovely long and happy association with.


William Milward and Paul Kiddy from the Glossop Group welcomed Liz Martin and Ange Hough the Treasurer of the VIP’s, for lunch at the Norfolk Arms where the two presented William and Paul and current members of the Glossop group with a generous cheque, marking the final closure of their group.

The extra funds were very greatly welcomed and appreciated by the Glossop group who continue to meet on a weekly basis at the Norfolk Arms in Glossop.

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