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High Peak CVS, The Bureau and Derbyshire County Council are asking people and organisations across the High Peak to sign up and commit to be part of a network that aims to ensure clear messaging is shared appropriately and effectively to those that need it the most.  

COVID-19, and the measures taken in response to the pandemic continue to have a significant impact on the lives of High Peak residents.

We know that people are worried about reducing contact with others and catching the virus. Even with the roll out of vaccinations there is still some confusion around the restrictions and the protection the vaccine offers.

We are also becoming aware of the consequences of lockdown, including poorer mental health, financial impact amongst many other challenges our communities are facing.  

We also know that the impact of the crisis has been most severe for those who were already worse off.  Our most deprived communities require the most support, guidance and information to lessen the Covid-19 related impacts. It is also imperative that the appropriate authorities understand the challenges that our communities face and offer support and guidance as appropriate.

During the recent pandemic, the High Peak community has come together more than ever and we want to support and empower individuals, groups, volunteers, businesses and the entire local community to continue to work together to get through this unprecedented situation. We also strongly believe that even after this national crisis, the way we communicate at all levels needs to improve and ensure a two way approach to receiving and distributing information that is both efficient and accurate.  

So, working in Partnership with Derbyshire County Council and our colleagues at The Bureau in Glossop, we are launching the Community Messaging Partnership which is asking individuals, groups, businesses, volunteers and anyone else within the High Peak to be a focal point within their communities to share and feedback information to those that need it the most. 

The commitment is as little or as much as you are able to offer but it aims to ensure that:

  • You have the correct and appropriate information to pass on to your neighbours, friends, colleagues, groups etc 
  • You are able to offer the most appropriate advice to those that need it or have the support of the partnership to ensure they get the support they need
  • You are able to reassure your community about incorrect information and myth bust information that could put people at risk or delay appropriate action
  • You have an opportunity to feedback directly the challenges and questions your community has and receive the answers you and your community need.

This partnership aims to improve communication between statutory organisations and the local community, not just for this pandemic but in the long term and we need your help to make it work.

If you are interested in getting involved or would simply like to learn more please do complete the form:  > Register your interest

Or alternatively you can email us at or The Bureau at:  

The Community Messaging Partnership is here to listen, engage and share and we welcome anyone who is willing and able to get involved and continue to help us work together and make a difference.

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