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Simple. Supportive. Local.

Foundation Derbyshire is proud to be an independent local funder, offering small grants of up to £2,000 to community & voluntary groups, local charities, and CIC’s, working across Derby and Derbyshire.

Their application process is designed to be simple and accessible even for those new to funding.

They will support you each step of the way, even after your bid is submitted, collaboratively working to make your project shine.

Enabling Giving. Putting Generosity to Work.

Their Vision

They want to see a culture of giving at the heart of life in Derbyshire, helping to create a county where communities are strong, civil society is valued, and all individuals have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and be treated fairly and with respect.

Their Mission

  • To build a multi-purpose endowment that provides a growing and sustainable source of funding that can meet the needs of today and anticipated and unexpected future needs.
  • To grow philanthropy in Derbyshire by enabling anyone to be a philanthropist; in life, through a legacy, establishing a named fund or collective giving.
  • To make grants creatively and effectively for both our grant recipients and funders, creating the bridge between people who care about and can give to their local community and the wide range of grassroots groups and charities that work to tackle disadvantage, address need & improve the quality of life in our county.
To find out more, visit their website here.